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  • $24.11

    MIX. Grown in a 11.5 inch pot. Exposure: Part Sun to Sun This 11.5 inch chocolate plastic planter is filled with blooming annuals for centre pieces on tables, or as a hostess gift. Pair it with one of our other 16″ Sun or Shade containers or hanging baskets for part of…

  • $23.81

    MIX. Grown in a 16 inch container. Exposure: Sun Grown in a 16 inch oval container. Filled with basil, parsley, thyme and oregano to place on a deck ready to bring inside when fresh herbs are needed during cooking.

  • $59.82

    MIX. Grown in a 16 inch wide and 15 inch high plastic pot. Exposure: Sun If hanging baskets have always appealed to you, and you never had a place to hang them, this is your answer. As with the hanging baskets, each container is fed a slow release fertilizer at…

  • $35.71

    MIX. Grown in a 8.5 inch bowl. These 8.5 inch succulent bowls are ready to place on your sunny table or deck. A selection of drought resistant succulents give you an easy care container all summer long. Plants vary in containers. May include jade plants, echeveria and kalanchoe. Some plants…